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Scheduling Information

Step 1: Couples - Initial Consultation + Follow Up

Initial Summary provided post initial consultation.

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Step 2: Option A: Overnight Private Couples Retreat

Two consecutive days to create the 12 hour Private Couple's Retreat, getting to the root of issues and designing a comprehensive strategy moving forward. Couples stay on their own. Lodging Information

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Step 2: Option B: Day Private Couples Retreat

Abbreviated retreat focusing on specific couple issue or target area. Proactive, education focused or counseling(repair) focused depending on couple's needs.

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Daily Schedule

Thursday and Friday, or weekends if available, 10:30 a.m.- 5:30 p.m. with a break for lunch on you own. At the end of the session,you’re on your own.

By the end of the retreat, couples invest in 12 hours of counseling, equivalent to 3 months of weekly sessions which is the average minimum time clients participate in couples therapy.

Day 1

10:30-1:00 pm (break) 2:30-5:30 pm

Assessment & Problem Identification
  • Tell story of meeting, courtship, mating and commitment.
  • Assess present pain points.
  • Assess intimacy strengths and problems.
  • Assess internal and external strengths, stressors and vulnerabilities of couplehood.
  • Identify conflict and bonding style.
  • Explore conflict patterns, step-by-step to understand triggers linked to pain points from relationship and/or childhood.

Day 2

10:30-1:00 pm (break) 2:30-5:30 pm

Processing Pain & Developing New Patterns
  • Identify resentments & levels of pain.
  • Understand pattern of conflict and negative interpretations.
  • Explore how family of origin patterns/modeling and emotional injuries impact conflict.
  • Mutually decide how much trust to have in partner to confide about past hurts, current needs. Explore desire to forgive self and/or partner.
  • Practice experientially new ways of being vulnerable, non-defensive and open to partner.
  • Explore “muscle memory,” and nervous system integration of pain triggers and new responses.
  • Receive report on summary and strategy.
  • Provide mediation and coaching about details of a separation situation: what to say to children/friends, sleeping and house arrangements.
Review, Troubleshoot & Set Goals
  • Review progress of implementation of goals.
  • Practice new behaviors.
  • Review any old resentments, pain points that arose.
  • Set new goal/timelines.

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