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If taken seriously, therapy is a real investment in life transformation. It’s not just about feeling better. It’s about removing burdens that have been holding you back perhaps your whole life. This translates to improved relationships, being more attractive, and often raising your income earning potential. Similar to how buying a house, signing a marriage contract, or choosing an university helps forge a forward life trajectory, therapy does the same. It can also save you a ton of grief and money in the long run.

I work in longer increments, as opposed to the traditional 50 min/1x wk, to deeply focus, understand and promote desired change in a more concentrated way. I am happy to refer to excellent therapists who provide the standard model.

Couples Rates

  • Initial Consultation Couples (1.5 hour) $225
  • Couples Psychotherapy (50 min) $150
  • Couples Psychotherapy (1.5 hr) $225
  • Couples Psychotherapy (3 hr) $495
  • Sliding Scale Rate $130

Individual Rates

  • Individual Psychotherapy (50 min) $150
  • Sliding Scale Rate $130
  • Student Rate $95

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Sliding Scale Available Depending on Openings.
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Other Products and Services

“How Did You Meet?”
Couples Photo & Video Shoot

Video Shoot and Editing – $400

This offering, unlike couples therapy, just focuses on the beginning of the story. Through couples interviews, we create a timeless document of your special, momentous event.  This project is a celebration of your unique love story!

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Couples Therapy Clinical Consultation Class – $350

Couple’s work can be intimidating. Having tools can help you not only feel more comfortable, but deepen your work, making you more effective.

What to do” strategies that you will need when working with couples.

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The extended time together was incredibly helpful in exploring, identifying and digging deep.Having an opportunity to sleep on it, absorb and process a bit, and then reconnect the next morning allowed us to identify some key repairs. We loved "going away" for the weekend. It really helped us focus and stay committed to the weekend experience. If we had gone home between sessions,it would have been distracting and had an overall different impact. We love the idea of you "setting up shop" at a destination for multiple days to allow continued therapy. Jen loves her clients, is down to earth and very good at what she does. She is incredibly knowledgeable and great at helping people create the kind of closeness we all desire. I highly recommend Jennifer as a couples counselor.

– Private Retreat Couple Participant

I first heard about Jennifer from a girlfriend of mine. My friend and her husband had gone to Jen for couples counseling and they loved her. This is the highest praise. As a therapist and coach myself, I am very picky about who I refer my friends and clients to. This was several years ago and since that time, I have met with Jennifer as colleagues, consulted on cases and have referred many friends and clients to her.
Jen loves her clients, is down to earth and very good at what she does. She is incredibly knowledgeable and great at helping people create the kind of closeness we all desire. I highly recommend Jennifer as a couples counselor.

– Client, Female

Jen is in a whole league of her own - she brings a unique way to connect, listen, and perceive, and the culmination of her warm personality and wisdom make for very rewarding and effective results. I would highly recommend Jen to anyone who is faced with difficult decisions in life, relationships, or career.

– Client

Jennifer has a wonderful sense of humor and authenticity that put me completely at ease on our first meeting.  She was able to help me understand an issue that was challenging me quickly and had me see things in a new light. She's the best.

– Client

“Jennifer is a strong yet gentle personality which carries over in her work. She stands on her own with her work and is very successful. She is fairly nontraditional in her approach, which is a breath of fresh air when seeking therapy. Jennifer does not beat around the bush but she also takes time to speak to and listen to each person in the session, with caring and compassion. I believe Jennifer was of the male persuasion in a past life as she is very good at tapping in and understanding the male brain and their feelings.”

– Colleague, Female

“I am a colleague of Jennifer’s and have referred clients to her many times, both individuals and couples, who reported back to me that they were really impressed how sharp she was at helping see their issues and find a way to talk through them. She has a very keen insight, and I always know that she’s going to do good work when I send clients her way.”

– Colleague, Male

“The best part was the follow up observations and recommendations. This could also be incorporated into the therapy sessions as a whole–both before a retreat, in place of retreat (ongoing therapy), or after (working on the most challenging areas that came up during the retreat).”

– Retreat Participant

“It exceeded my expectations. I felt very comfortable with your style. It felt more like a conversation than a one sided confession.”

– Retreat Participant

“The best part was that it felt like my husband and I were getting to know each other for the first time in 11 years.”

– Retreat Participant

“Jennifer Jones is great. Super intuitive – doesn’t beat around the bush. My spouse and I were seeing a different therapist for over a year and a half to work on communication and we got nowhere. We have only seen Jennifer for 3 sessions now and we have gotten further in fixing our issues than we ever have before.”

– Couple Client

“Jennifer Jones has a unique combination of humor, empathy, intuition and imagination that she combines with her extensive psychological knowledge and highly effective insight discovery methods to quickly get to the actionable truth of any situation.”

– Couple

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